Norwalk Green Living Properties

A Darien native, Brad Craighead grew up in a tight-knit community where he was taught the value of honesty and self-reliance by his traditional, hard-working family. As a teenager, he ran a landscaping business, worked on the oyster boats in South Norwalk, and learned how to renovate and manage local real estate from his father who built a portfolio of investment properties in the 1980’s.

After almost fifteen years in London, Brad wrapped up his career in the financial industry in 2013 and began to pursue his lifelong interest in historic property renovation and landscape design as a full-time real estate investor and self-employed contractor.

Working alongside a small, experienced team, he has reconstructed several multi-family houses and is currently in the process of converting four commercial properties to “boutique” apartment buildings located on and around the Historic Norwalk Green in the center of the city.

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